Paddi Moyer Studio - Desert Stone, Bronze, Sculptor, Artist

Desert Stone, Bronze, Sculptor, Artist
Paddi Moyer Studio - Desert Stone, Bronze, Sculptor, Artist

My work represents timeless themes: Native people experiencing the blessings of life - rain, earth, sun - as well as contours of the ageless earth reflected in the human face and female form.

From the beginning my work has been 'unusual'. My innate 'gut' feeling is my driving force. The fact that I use water-based clay to create my sculptures instead of the traditional oil based clay and armature approach immediately puts my work into somewhat of a different genre. Sculpting with the wet and natural mud gives me the ability to work spontaneously, without planning, allowing the next 'being' to quickly slip out. This type of medium is also perfect for letting the clay set up to a much harder state, quietly asking to be carved, slowly revealing what might be an 'old soul' hidden within. This can be seen in my sold out piece 'Rain'. This style of working makes my sculptures both unique and uncommon. Be it one of my more masculine contemporary Native American pieces or a soft female face emerging from the shadows of the wall, there is always that consistent thread of creativity running through my body of work. The Desert Stone wall sculptures are a true testament of my will to follow my heart in developing something truly original in the realm of sculpture.

I have participated in many classes at the prestigious Scottsdale Art School over the years having won the Frudakis Scholarship Award from this school back in 1990. Much of my academic training has been from studying here with top notch instructors from all over this country. ' Forensics' is just one of the many fascinating classes I have taken. Some of my most valuable time has been spent studying with such sculptors as Bruno Lucchesi (Italy and New York) and Richard MacDonald (Carmel, California). Recently I completed a workshop with Russian born artist Simon Kogan. A friend once commented that "Russians grab life with both hands". This could not be more true than with the passionate Kogan. The love affair he has with his clay and his ability to dig deep down into your very core to tap into the essence of your creativity are gifts from him that I will always treasure. I admire greatly the work and the contribution all of these masters have made to the art world. At the end of the day I still find that I own my style, it is MY handprint on the world.

My work has been exhibited and collected throughout the United States, having shown in galleries and shows reaching from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Maui, Hawaii. My sculptures have won awards such as 'Best Sculpture' Cherokee National Museum, Trail of Tears. I have also participated in many important shows like '13 Outstanding Oregon Artists' (Oregon), the 'North American Sculpture Exhibition' (Colorado), and have shown several times in annual national shows as the 'Sedona Sculpture Walk' (Arizona), 'American Women Artists' (National) and the 'Loveland Sculpture In The Park' (Colorado).

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