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Desert Stone, Bronze, Sculptor, Artist
Paddi Moyer Rescue Dog, Dakota

Paddi Moyer Studio is dedicated in promoting the awareness of ‘Rescue’ groups for animals in need.

Being an Alaskan Shepherd and weighing in at 100 pounds, Dakota is striking in appearance with his teddy bear good looks and charming personality. He was adopted literally off of a ‘Rescue’ website located in the Los Angeles area, "" The last dog Paddi owned was a long haired German Shepherd and although she wanted another, she was also determined to adopt a rescue dog. Westside German Shepherd Rescue specializes in rescuing long haired Shepherds. Dakota is ˝ LH Shepherd, ˝ Malamute. A local shelter had called WGSR and told them they had just the dog for them, that Dakota did not have much time left, his days were numbered. He was just a year old. A volunteer picked him up, his face appeared on their website and Paddi fell in love.

From the beginning Dakota has been sweet and gentle. His calm and mature nature has reached well beyond his young tender age. Dakota has the presence of an ‘Old Sage’, a sign of the mission his life would embrace. Since that time Dakota has been certified as a VIP Service Dog thru the Southern Arizona Humane Society. He graduated with honors and now has many distinguished ‘visits’ under his collar. He works his magic with the young and old alike. Paddi and Dakota also serve as mentors to the new VIP’s graduating from the program.

“The Pet Visitation Program at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona is designed to share animals with people of all ages in facilities such as convalescent homes, hospitals, mental health centers, hospice, children’s facilities and schools. Our pet visitation volunteers witness the emotional and psychological benefits of this therapy with each visit bringing over 100 hours of canine love each month to patients in need.” HSSA

Dakota and the Paddi Moyer Studio are dedicated in promoting the awareness of ‘Rescue’ groups for animals in need. Paddi and Dakota continue to support the WGSR in Los Angeles who have just built their new state of the art facility. Locally, the Studio sponsors such programs as ‘Home For The Holiday’ thru HSSA, $100 going to care for and help with the adoption costs of a shelter dog desperately in need of a home this holiday season. Their goal is to have a cat or dog sponsored each day during this program. Can you help? A photo shoot with Santa also raised money for the HSSA shelter. In October Dakota participated in a ‘Howl-O-Ween’ costume party (he went as a VIP dog) with donations collected to help the HOPE No Kill Shelter in Tucson. Last Spring, Dakota attended the 13th Annual ‘Puttin’ on the Dog’ fundraiser for HSSA. Over 1100 people and more than 100 animal companions joined in raising more than $210,000 at this fun filled event with funds going to support local shelter animals. Not only did Dakota represent the VIP Service Dog Program, Mr. Handsome was also selected to be a runway model at this event.

Please consider a ‘Rescue’ dog or cat to become the next member of your family. Each and every animal is a gift.


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